Q: What is a shell cabin?
A: The cabin structure is finished on the exterior (except for staining) and the interior walls are framed up.  The inside is ready for you to finish as you wish.

Q: What are D logs?
A: D-Logs are in the shape of a "D" with the flat side on the inside of the cabin.  So, the outside interior walls have the finished look.  The logs are dry which minimizes log shrinkage.  They are glued and screwed together to create your cabin.

Q: Is it possible to buy the cabin finished on the inside too?
A: Most certainly.  We can put together a finishing package for you per your specifications depending on the model you select.

Q: Is it possible have other types of cabins or buildings built on the land?
A: Yes, indeed.  We have many years of experience in quality built construction and our craftsmen are ready to build you your custom built dream cabin, home, garage, etc.

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